NO 5 SEA SALT Duftpinner

NO 5 SEA SALT Duftpinner

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275,00 kr
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100 ML. - 5 x Paper Reeds - Gift box - Ø7xH8 cm


Scent Liquid

Komposition: Scent Liquid, Glass, Paper

Scent describtion: Sea salt, jasmine and marine notes create a light and airy breeze that gently moves across you.

Fragrance family: Marine.

Scent notes: Top notes: Sea salt, green. Heart notes: marine, apple, jasmine, muguet, rose. Base notes: musk, vanilla, wood.

Content: 100 ml

Diffuser lifecycle : 8 to 12 weeks. Depending on room temperature, humidity, ventilation and how many reeds used

Gift box: Yes

Bottle finish: Glass bottle with silver lid and plastic plug.

Bottle colour: Light Brown

Reeds: 5 x Reeds, H:24 cm, Cellulose/Paper, Black, 100 % biodegradable

Care instructions: The more reeds you use, the more scent you get.